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When the Steel Valley Reproductive Justice Coalition started, we wanted to put a name to the group of folks working together (past and present) for reproductive rights in the Steel Valley area. We quickly worked together to put together the Bans Off Our Bodies rally on May 14.

It is not, however, up to that initial group of folks to decide the future of SVRJC. If we want to be a truly intersectional organization that aligns with other reproductive justice organizations, we need to have diverse perspectives and people involved.

One thing is clear: Rallies are not enough.

The abortion opponents who have now successfully executed a patient, fifty-year political project occasionally held marches and rallies. But that wasn’t why they won today. It’s because they organized when nobody else took notice. They met in kitchens and church basements, finding each other in a moment when the world assumed they had lost the culture wars. They sponsored film screenings and built their ranks through direct mail and took over the Republican Party at the precinct level, making Pro-life stances the single litmus test by which candidates were judged.

We need to organize

Please help us in this effort.

If you are a supporter of reproductive justice in all of its forms, of abortion rights and access, of human rights overall — we want you there!

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